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Predrilled and Srewed.

Predrilled and Screwed

The Structure

Subframe - Treated Pine

Double joists

Subframe painted

Pricision cutting

Circle cutting


Fold up sun lounge backs

Select Jarrah

Select Jarrah

Top of the range, sustainable local jarrah, small pencil round beautifull underfoot, stunning to view. practically free from imperfection, some gum lines will exist.Local material for local conditions, expect a long life.Because all our decks are pre drilled and screwed in 20 years time one can resand without hassle.


Remilled Jarrah

Remilled Jarrah

If you like a warm earthy look
then this is for you. This jarrah has been salvaged from house demolition and cut down to decking size. It is full of imperfection, gum lines, knots and even some nail holes. Great in older homes where decking will meet your exisiting floorboards. It has a darker patina than new jarrah being 50 + years old..

Standard Jarrah

Standard Jarrah

Cheaper alternative to select jarrah, gum line and imperfection are present.As with all jarrah, delivered in random lengths ranging from 1.8 metres to 5.4 metre lengths. Special requests can be made to accomodate fence infill panels where set lengths are required




The best of the imported timbers, higher janka than jarrah, and once laid will hardly shrink or expand, Also a naturally termite resistant timber that an alternative colour to jarrah without compromising quality and strength. Downpoint is that it will leak a tanin that stains limestone, is allways washed out but minor staining may persist


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